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 Posted: Mon Jul 15th, 2019 02:03 am
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Steven B

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Another Winning Combination.  

Here we have the project that I launched while watching glue dry.
I was working on Combine 1s leaning problem. 
Found that the plastic tube that I used to mount the truck had come loose. 
No problem. 

I also decided to hedge my bet and built a couple of "list" pads on the frame above the truck. 
They sit up tight behind the truck and I painted them the same color, they turned invisible. 
Truck still turns freely and there isn't going to be any listing to port any more. 

Next task...  Add lighting and the ceiling over the platforms.

While working on this problem, and waiting,
this second "Side Door Caboose" that I found a duckbill roof for was asking to be built.
This will run on trains to the mines at Yankee Blade. 
It is a small car for small turns and grades. 
I would really like it to have a different look.

I picked up a few items from Keith Wiseman. 
These were some improved end rails,
and I ditched the ladder ends that came with the Bachmann car. 
I also got a new stack for the stove. 

I am still trying to figure out what trucks to use under it. 
I may keep the factory ones... I'll ask for opinions here. 
I may go with MacCloud, Carter 3'7",
since much of my stuff will be Carter Brothers based. 
But maybe I am looking for something different. 
Billmeyer & Small? 
I don't know.

I want to paint the thing, but knocking those windows out will be a chore. 
I want to paint it a burgundy or maroon, but the windows will be a time killer. 
So, again, I will ask for some thoughts of anyone who wants to chime in.
I ripped out some of the caboosey interior parts that made no sense for a combine. 
I also added a couple of inches to the letter board (what I worked on today)
so that my lettering will fit nicely. 
Also shaved off the cast on side door grab and added a bended wire one. 
Somewhere, around this mess I have some Grandt Line combine stirrups,
that I want to change out. 

At any rate, that about does it for the day... er... week.  :time:

Steven B.
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