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 Posted: Mon Jul 15th, 2019 02:39 am
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I've found a way to confine ELO and possibly other solvents to a specific area.

In my case I wanted to remove markings on a curved surface without the fluid flowing away,
but the trick is also useful if you want to remove a specific marking without disturbing others nearby.

What you do is cut a piece of toilet paper so it's just large enough to cover the lettering you wish to remove,
place it on the model, then let the fluid soak into it. 
I repeatedly used a Q-Tip to transfer the fluid,
and pressed it into the TP until I could clearly see all the letters underneath.

After letting the markings soak for a few minutes,
I removed the toilet paper and the lettering came off with very little pressure. 

Adjacent letters / numbers aren't affected because the toilet paper didn't touch them,
and neither did the soaked Q-Tips. 


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