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 Posted: Sun Jul 14th, 2019 09:45 pm
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Something something

".. make sure to finish everything you've started before beginning a new project! "

OK, so - exhibit  L:  the practice steam loco project.

I purchased a Play Art 0-4-0 for 8 dollars shipping included on ebay,
and it is going to become a small old style loco with a tender.

I was just exchanging comments on loco design with David L. on here,
and something about what he said, made me realize that in this scale
a Tyco Tank Car is an ideal source for a steam engine boiler;
gonna need to buy one of those.

I took a couple shots of the loco with my tank car,
the old Mantua boiler for details, and a figure for scale.

Most of the loco body is going to get scratch built.
I want to use the old style stack instead of the more straight one,
along with the brass domes.

The cab will have to be scratch built out of wood.

The tender will be a cut down old one from a 4-4-0.

I have to admit,
I'm not really pleased with the gap between drivers on the Play Art,
but I will learn to deal with it.

Did I ever mention that I like trains?
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