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 Posted: Sun Jul 14th, 2019 11:22 am
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Steven B

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Woodie, Doug & Peter,

Thank you very much. 
I work rather slowly unfortunately at 20 minutes here and there.
The house project takes most of my free time. 
I finished (well except the for the door) her pantry. 
I am halfway through a new bathroom
(which I have to finish before my dad arrives to visit September),
just cut in one new window in the bedroom (one more to go) and reside the house. 
All of this while working, ugh work just gets in the way of anything and everything.

Meanwhile "Eastern Nevada" sits full of stuff that needs to either visit the dump,
or be moved into the house when it is done. 
Not much in the way of scenery or layout for a while, much to my displeasure.

I outlined the next few projects on the car in my post. 
I am pretty excited as I see an end in sight for her. 
I am very happy with where it is going. 
What kinds of pictures would you like?  

I also picked up a B'mann "Side Door Caboose" and found a "duck bill" roof on Shapeways. 
After considering modifications to it, I found I really couldn't improve upon it much. 
I thought about painting it, then thought... nah, it's fine,
besides the windows are glued in pretty tight,
and that project would become tough with possible breakage. 
I'll post some picts. of that as soon as I get it going to a more completed state.

Next BIG project is sitting in pieces. 
I've been collecting parts to "Masonize" a Forney. 
The "Onward", Mason's first Bogie, was actually used on the Eureka & Palisades,
and in the construction of the Nevada Central for a time,
before it went off to Utah to construct railroads there. 
It was, conveniently, an 0-4-4. 
So it will become locomotive #3, it was renumbered from #1 after construction.

Tell me what you want to see and I'll get some more pictures posted.

Steven B.
Humboldt & Toiyabe Rwy
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