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 Posted: Tue May 21st, 2019 02:32 am
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I love this painting Si. 

Very mid 1800s.

Leland Stanford, of the Big Four and president of the Central Pacific has the spike maul,
Thomas Durrant President of the Union Pacific is to the immediate right of him. 
Everyone was represented in this image. 
I am not sure that they were all there in physicality.

Both missed the spike when swinging the maul,
but the quick thinking telegrapher tapped out DONE in the first mass media event in the United States. 

The driving was left to Mr. Strobridge (Chief construction boss of the CP),
whom I think is the man in the black jacket at the far left of the image with his arms behind his back,
and Gen. Dodge, of the UP,
whom I believe to be the man in the gray jacket with his hat in his hand on the left of the image.

The Chinese called "Mister" Strobridge
(he could curse a blue streak and everyone was afraid of him)
"One Eye Bossyman", for he had lost an eye in a Bloomer Cut blasting accident.

If you look in the image, there are two members of the Celestial Kingdom depicted,
they (I believe about 2000 of them) with the help of eight burley Irish rail handlers,
and one Irish rail foreman to guide the eight handlers,
laid just over 10 miles of track on the 28th of April 1869,
a record that was and still has never been broken. 

The track was so well done that a CP engineer ran his loco 45mph
(that's 72kph for those don't think like us Yanks!)
over it just to prove that it was well done.


What a thing...   [toast]  


Steven B.
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