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 Posted: Wed Mar 27th, 2019 08:36 pm
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Reg H

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Not much to report at the moment. 
In one week we went from Winter to Spring. 
Rapid transition from 18" of snow to 70 degree weather.  

Which means, airplane and shop projects have taken precedence. 
The airplane projects for obvious reasons.  
Sunny weather is flying weather,
added to the fact that working on the airplane in an unheated hangar in mid-winter is miserable.  
The current project is the installation of a fancy new, and FAA mandated, transponder. 
I am saving some installation cost by doing the grunt work myself,
instead of paying the avionics shop $160.00/hour to do it. 

Less obvious, my machine shop is in my garage.  
In cold weather it is cold in the machine shop,
and requires a significant amount of time (and kerosene) to warm up.  
Due to family  obligations in the past few years,
play time in either the model shop or machine shop has had to be crowded in wherever possible. 
Often, by time I got the machine shop warm enough to work in, I would run out of time. 

In warm weather, not only do I not need the heater,
but I can open the garage door to let in the sun light and fresh breezes. 
Much more pleasant than sequestered in the basement,
which is a great place when it is cold and nasty outside,
but sunny days are not something we want to waste around here.

I had a plan to move the model shop from the basement to the garage. 
I had set that up when my main lathe was the 6" Atlas.  
The purchase, and installation, of the 12" Clausing lathe,
changed the configuration of the shop and eliminated a lot of work bench area. 
So the model shop is still in the basement. 

But more will happen. 
I am very anxious to get this whole mill site completed,
and move on to other aspects of the layout.
I am not anxious to install a whole bunch of NBW castings. 
Though I am anxious to get that part of the project finished.
"Tis the project that is never started takes longest to finish" (J.R.R. Tolkien).


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