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 Posted: Thu Feb 28th, 2019 08:59 pm
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Si reminded me I haven't uploaded much as of late. :slow: I'm slow.
Lots of things going on over the past few months so here is an update.
These are taken with an iPhone and some of my lights are out so excuse the quality.

The Iron City/Penn stamp mill has taken a back seat because I have been building switches and laying track,
but I have done some work on the mill.

I have painted what I believe all of the windows that I need.
Won't be surprised if I missed a few. I count 130 in all. I decided to leave a few open.
Not really looking forward to the glazing all of them but I want to try real glass just to say I did.

And I have managed to get the basic trestle for the mill in place.
I cannot glue any bents to the top or permanently put it in place until I construct the buildings that will establish the final grade level.
It will be on a slight grade. Rock wall not at correct angle yet.

And of course there is the top deck.

In the prototype the ties facing the cliff were of various lengths depending on where the rock face was,
so they will be cut back when the final rock castings are done.

This is HOn30 Gilpin track with code 40 rail.
Since this is nonoperational track the switches are thrown manually with a PSC harp switch stand.
The decking is only partially finished waiting for the ties to be cut.

There is also a fence on the right side of the deck which will be the last thing added out of breakage fears.
You can see where the posts will be, as I have already allowed space for them in the wood deck planking.

The mill from the top.

You can see I have added some rock castings,
and between the rocks I have added some Sculptamold with some color added in as a base for the real dirt.

Moving to the left we can see more rock work and basic landscaping in the distance.

Moving further to the left as seen from the top of the mill more landscaping and a place for the small town.
Track has mostly been laid throughout here.

And finally the curve that goes to the back wall.

Back at track level we start at the mill. Switches made. Some track still be done.

I am using a borrowed N scale boxcar to make sure all of the stub switches work with rolling stock (which they do)
on the code 40 rail for the HOn30 ore cars I haven't built yet.

And looking back at the mill from trackside.
Pretend the N scale boxcar is not really there!  :P

I think this will be an cool view when it's done.
I can compare it to the prototype photos to check my roof angles.

Two switches on the back curve.
The rod sticking up is from the switch machine. It will be cut after everything is tested.

There will be a few houses on the hill with a sawmill below and other local businesses.

Coke ovens.

Someday this might make an interesting photo with the finished town and the road going up over the hill.
The buildings are only placeholders.

Is that a prototypical cobweb at the top of the ladder?

The unfinished mine with an unscaled thumbprint.  Time to dust!

The partially built mine and trestle with one retaining wall and a roughed in mine dump.

The rock cut.

More rock work and Sculptamold.

You can see the mine entrance.
It required two crossings of 18 gauge track over the 3 foot gauge.
One into the mine and one to where the mine dump will be.

Need some more rock castings.
I am finishing up on those and hope to post next week.
Promise, promises.

A look under the table where the Tortoise switch machines will be mounted.

The big rock face with the river in the gorge below.

And the knives for any visitors who says "Those trains are so cute". 

And still no clouds or painted backdrop!

Happy modeling.

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