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 Posted: Mon Jan 28th, 2019 05:02 pm
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Reg H

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Here are the main floor and lower floor installed. 

I questioned the sequencing on these two,
but after carefully reading the instructions and dry fitting everything, I understood the BTS logic. 

The lower floor actually attaches to the main floor and is installed from underneath.  Makes perfect sense. 

I feel the need for model-building rant Number 3.   

I recently fielded the often heard comment "I would never have the patience to do that".

No.  You don't have the motivation. 
It is not my experience that some people are born more patient than others. Well, maybe a little. 
But my experience is that patience is a learned skill, just like all the other skills necessary for any creative process.  

I am no NMRA master builder.  I have built a lot of kits and scratch built quite a few models, and with good results. 
But I do not exercise the patience to create competition level models. 
I have a reputation as being a patient person.  I attribute that to having started building models at a very young age. 
In model building, you either learn patience or you fail.  And if you are sufficiently motivated, you will learn patience. 

The biggest element is the motivation. 
If one is motivated to build models, starting off with simple projects and progressing to more complex models will teach the skills,
among which is patience, to complete respectable models. 

The level of motivation will determine the level of modeling quality that any one builder can achieve.  

End of rant.

The handlaid track in the background is left over from the previous On30 layout. 


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