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 Posted: Sun Jan 6th, 2019 06:26 pm
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Hi Gerold  :wave:

First of all ...

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

... clearly you probably have years of experience as a master watchmaker !  :shocked:

I don't think I could have got the 12 Volt V6 air-cooled inside that microbus ...

... let alone all the DCC microchip skullduggery AS WELL !!  :shocked: :shocked:

I'm having a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN here at the moment ... :w:

... trying to figure out how to get a darn motor inside TWO 1:35 scale cars welded together in the middle ...  ???

... pass the Valium(TM) & the vitamins !  ;)  :slow:

Your paint livery is ACE as usual & looks real  C :cool: :cool: L  for your line.

The photo is great Gerold.

BUT since the wide-angle lens is clearly making the U.P. monster ! look smaller ...  ???

... & the microbus look bigger ...  L:

... I'd love to see a snap of the VW bus, on a track right next to the loco.

Maybe even some GIANT re-railing fingers or other 'scale' object next to the bus.

They aren't really all THAT big in 1:1 real life ... but in HO !  :shocked:

I'd kinda like a VW bus for my modest HO collection.  :P

My friend Jules had one years ago & we piled on some SERIOUS miles ...

... it needed a new (refurbished) V6 eventually as well.

Jules always wanted an original split-screen one back in the day ...

... possibly a '67 ? cos that is his birthday year.

But as poor impoverished graduates there had to be an adequate BEER BUDGET as well !  [toast]

He really wanted the soooper RARE safari-windows one as well ...

... I told him an angle-grinder would be the most economical option !  :shocked:

He was telling me the other day how much even a VERY BAD condition split-screen goes for these days ...

... or ANY one at all.

When he told me how much our mates immaculate one, with the split-screen AND safari-windows was worth ...

... I nearly choked to death, as I sprayed beer all over the place.  :hyp:

One could retire on THAT kinda dough !

Top model Gerold.  :thumb:

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:



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