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 Posted: Sun Jan 6th, 2019 09:45 am
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Ten years ago my friendly Hobby Shop had a very nice Brekina VW Typ 2
(split window, first generation Volkswagen Luxury Bus) in the store window.

It was decorated for Austrian POst, which is a nonsense,
as I cant believe the Postal administration ever bought a luxury version with sliding canvas top. 

Anyway, I had almost exactly the same bus in 1:1 scale long ago, so I immediately grabbed it.
As luck had it, a few days later I noticed a motorized VW railbus by Lemke at evilbay. 

A plain jane, van without passenger windows, dark red.
When it arrived, I found that Lemke apparently had used a Brekina body and only added a drive of his own design.
Would have been an easy swap.
However, I made an all out effort to install working headlights (SMLEDs) and a tiny decoder.
Works reasonably well, as good as such a lightweight vehicle may work on a layout with deferred maintenance....

Picture shows The Beauty and The Beast - my smallest and my largest piece.
The Beast is the experimental UP coal burning turbine #80.

No way to hide the decoder.... fully visible through the windows.


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