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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2018 12:50 am
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No, you can get around 1:35 scale without a scale ruler.
Do what Daniel and I do...get a couple of 1:35 scale figures, they can be soldiers or whatever, and use them to "set the scale".
I don't even use a scale ruler but have a couple just so I can say that I measure stuff correctly (yeah, right).
I included the photo of the 1:35 scale ruler and an HO standards gauge just because years ago,
some fellow posted that I "should" be modelling 1:36.759 scale or some such s%^t to make the gauge correct.
But then those who worry about correct-ness never seem to build anything except fantasy.
The use of a scale figure helps to determine things like door heights, roof heights, things like that.
When I modeled in HO and O scale, I did have scale rulers but never used them, a figure or two did the job.


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