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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2018 04:35 pm
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" Gigi Buffon roughly 52mm tall "

Hi T.G.B.  :wave:

Gigi Buffon is actually 54.428571mm tall !  :old dude:  (_!_)

" So my trains are at 4.36 feet wide. This is now a bit small "  :f:

Not really ...  :)

... The Gilpin Tram had flat-cars about this width & so did the Maine S.R.& R.L. ...

... also the Gilpin Tram ore-cars are about that width or a tad wider as well ...

... a 'Tri-ang' HO ore-car is a DEAD RINGER for a 1:35n2 Gilpin ore-car ( pretty much ) ...

... that HO ore-car you Posted a photo of a while back, looked pretty useable/moddable as well.

It might be that jumping to 1:35 will be TOO BIG a leap in scale, if you just want a figure to suit your loco ...  ???

... it might be that a 1:48/On30 figure at 1 1/2" high, would stand well next to your loco.

Decisions ... decisions ... Mmm ...  L:

Oh well ... Once you are sorted on scale etc. ...

... then all that wondering & guess-work etc. is behind you & it's FULL THROTTLE all ahead ...

...  s  l  o  w  ;)




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