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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2018 11:27 am
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" Ok, so I am getting my terms wrong "

Hi T.G.B.  :wave:

Just to be clear.
I'm not one to tell anyone off' for getting 'terms' wrong.  :old dude:

But plain straight MATHS ... YES !

" 35mm scale " ... Sounds like a new film from Kodak(TM) maybe ...  ;)

... or a European Standard water-pipe.  ???

As I said on the previous << Page, having a TRUE SCALE figure to test your 'eye' & 'builds' by ... is THE LAW.  :shocked:

An automobile, truck or horse etc. would work well too.

A scale-rule can tell you how things 'measure', but NEVER if they are gonna look RIGHT.  L:

It's no good 'approximating' either in my view & ending up with cumulative errors over longer measurements etc.  :f:

Getting freelance scratchbuilt stuff to come out the 'right' size, is even more tricky than prototype modelling.

At least with something like the Gilpin caboose, you KNOW it's 14' long & what size wheels it has ... PERIOD.  :P

When concocting 'freelance' models, you do have to be careful not to break your own 'rules'.  L:

This might seem oDd or 'wrong' to some people, but I make fundamental 1:35 scale calculations all the time.

My method, in combination with 'actual' figures & autos etc. rarely lets me down.  :)

And YES back in the day, in HO, 1:48 & 1/2" scale, I made monumental cock-ups in scale sometimes !  :f:

1:35 scale

304.8mm / 35 = 8.7085714mm per Foot

x14' long Gilpin caboose = 121.92mm

( I'd call that 122mm since I don't actually have a pine-cone, you know where ... )  ;)

The thing is for me, is that when I cut my main car underframe beams ...

... I wanna know how long they REALLY are in 1:1 mm.

Some people might prefer knowing this in fractions of an Inch ie. 'a bit over' 4 3/4" !

Or easier to calculate decimal-fractions of an Inch, which just happens to be EXACTLY 4.800" !

Despite not having that pine-cone, I always use ALL seven decimal-places on my pocket-calculator ...

( a lovely vintage American 'Rockwell' red L.E.D. model I rather like, despite making the Energizer Bunny very happy ! )  :cool:

... when doing something like an overall carbuild or a structure dimension.

For smaller stuff like doors, windows, benches & figures etc. ...

... I'd be satisfied knowing that 8.7mm x 6' = 52.2mm ... OR ... 2.055' metric Inches.

... the EXACT height of Wolfy, my 1:35 scale 'crash test dummy' !

So in fact, I didn't actually need my modellers 1:35 scale-rule, for any of that at all ...
... It is WAY WAY WAY easier ( for me at least ) to convert 1:35 dimensions, to 'real world' 1:1 mm.  :brill:



My bench ...  :Crazy:

... engineers-rules, calipers, graph-paper etc. etc.  :shocked:

But a 1:35 modellers 'scale-rule' ?  ???

Nowhere to be seen !  :us:


' Mysterious Moose Mountain ' - 1:35n2 - pt.II

' M:R:W Motor Speedway !!! ' - 1:32 Slotcar Racing Layout
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