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 Posted: Tue Dec 4th, 2018 12:17 am
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Daniel Osvaldo Caso wrote: Well, if you would spend any energy on reaching anyone else's 'mastery' you would have spoiled your chance: developing your own!!!

The only true mastery is not about technics or results but about being true and investing your joy of living in whatever you do.
That is: following your own star.

Yes, the sides of the wagon looked a bit bald and your solution is just perfect.
Would be an option to make small holes and insert pins so their heads suggest bolts?
Even easier, you can also insert pieces of thin styrene rods,
but the cheapest way may be inserting the points of wooden toothpicks,
and once the PVA glue has really dried cut them almost flush.
If they are protruding too much you can easilly sand them with a narrow strip of sandpaper glued to a stripwood.
That way you can sand all the rivets of one post at once.

Another tip that costs nothing but improves the look:
with a sharp blade, making at regular spacing slight vertical incisions simulating the joints of the floor boards at the outer ends.
It would look as the one caused by adding a strip of wood to make the floor reach the right end at last photo.

Just my two cents.


Some of your ideas have been in my head already.
But you are helping me understand HOW to do them.
Thank You.

I will wait.
I need more train cars because I really like PLAYING with trains.

Next up will be the Tank Car conversion to some kind of water car.

I have already cut off the excess detail,
all it needs is some wood to lower and widen the look. ;)

Did I ever mention that I like trains?
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