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 Posted: Mon Dec 3rd, 2018 12:36 am
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" ... is it ok to post them here ? "

Hi Gerold  :wave:

It should be OK to Post the photos from your collection that you found ...

... provided they DO NOT have the  (C)copyright  marking on them.  L:

If there is a problem, which I'm sure there won't be ...

... you only really have to worry about Eddies blood pressure turning him beetroot colour !  :f:

It would be great to see them, if they pass the  (C)  test.  :P

I can't say that I know much about the prototype or it's history.

It sounds like you know way more that I do, so it's great to hear the story ...

... & of course see your VERY FINE model of it !  :bg:

I have a feeling I might have seen another snap of it sometime ... maybe ?  ???

It's a no-brainer for the 'Funky Junque Hall Of Fame' that's for sure ...

... we want  more  More  More !  MORE !  MORE !!  :cool:

Railroadin' Rust RULES !  :shocked:




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