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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2018 05:02 pm
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Some years ago I purchased two brass Westside Heisler trucks.
I understand Westside offered their West Side #3 loco either in standard or narrow gauge version, and the "other" trucks were available individually.
Then I found a picture of a railtruck that obviously was built utilizing just that, leftover Heisler components.
Checked if it would be possible to recreate such a thing in HO.

Purchased a cheap can motor with an gearhead locally. 
The first design proved to be impractical, was unable to build an arrangement with an transfer gearbox to power all wheels. 

So settled for one power truck only and removed the worm assembly from the other one.

Built an frame from brass channel, and placed an old truck cab on it midways, per prototype.

Then tried to cover the mechanics with a bed without having a bulky load on it.
Nearly made it, only a shallow cover in the front of the bed was necessary for the decoder.

As the cab was for decoration only, I put a LED under the hood and routed fibre optics to the headlights.
Very important - the oversize brass bell, per prototype picture.

Finally lettered it for the BM - "Buckhorn Mining Co".
This was a company Ed Suydam invented for some of his mining buildings and hopper cars. 
Backup light is an old European steam loco kerosene lamp, with an SMD LED inserted.


Found there is already a picture of the prototype here in the Freerails forum...

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