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 Posted: Sun Nov 18th, 2018 09:02 pm
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I posted a shot of my loco with the newly redone gondola up above.

Then I looked at real gondolas and realized they are just flat cars with walls added onto them. 

My first attempt didn't have a deck for the flat car. I decided to rip off the lowest beam and redo it.

I added a trimmed off piece of some old siding I had around and put it on with the grain pointing out to simulate planks.

Then I replaced the bottom beam with more of my thin veneer, so that I can add side braces onto the car.

Last pic of Special forces before it gets covered over.

The gon all ready for the NEW treatment with tricky thin wood.

And a couple shots of it with the added lumber.

Eh, this scratch building takes time. 

Then again, shopping for RTR trains and track takes even longer and you aren't even model railroading!

Ok, I admit to having purchased some 15" radius curve track as the beginning of my new layout. 

And I have been eyeing the old cast metal boiler models of HO 4-4-0 locos for my next power unit.

I looked at all the Bachmann stuff, but a loco in On30 that I would want to cut up and small-ify, is 150.00 or more. 

Whereas the old Tyco locos can be got for about 12 bucks +/-.

Did I ever mention that I like trains?
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