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 Posted: Sat Nov 17th, 2018 02:55 am
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Si. wrote: Hi T.G.B.  :wave:

I like the look of the new 'Red Devil' !  :shocked:

The larger cab is giving the loco that elusive 'industrial feel' ...

... as in many of Kitbashes photo-links.  

Very distinctive.

Pimp my Plymouth ?  L:

:pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp:


If I am pimpin' it, I better add a really big bass speaker in that cab and a sound decoder that has spacial sounds.  ;) 

Glad you like the Red Loki.  For all I know it's now too tall for 1:55n3 :P

Maybe we need a new discussion called Pimp My Loki! :D

Did I ever mention that I like trains?
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