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 Posted: Tue Oct 30th, 2018 04:03 pm
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Yes, thank you.

As far as I know there are is plastic H0 static version that I think is by BUSH and a 3D printed version that can be ordered in any scale but not convincing for me. 
There was also, a couple of years ago, a fellow offering a working, hand built brass one of which I can't recall the scale. 

The last was clearly a lot of fine work but not convincing for me and neither for my girlfriend Mss. Impatience: 
after ordering one and full payment in advance should wait a full year for delivery. 

I am not sure about the price because never asked but I suspect anyway it would have been considered terrorism by Mr. Wallet.

A dozen of years ago I helped to rescue from an old factory an O&K one running on 700mm gauge that was really hijacked by the vegetation. 
Sadly, I lost all photos of it.
Later -I think it was 2010- I had the pleasure of photographing another one at the Smalspoor museum in Valkenburg, here in the Netherlands:

I seem to recall seeing a film, not too long ago, showing a scale model, 
fully operating -can't recall the scale- but ... hmm ... may be I was just daydreaming ...:us:

Those are technologically simple machines but I am sure a row of headaches to model. I wouldn't dare to try.

I would be happy with a static model but it would take too much of the already non available place here!

Anyway the nicest ones - both, the European and American versions- are the old.

Actually I would be happy getting the mechanic components 3D printed for building a static version of these ones.

In a river scene with the dredger loading skips that are brought to the bank on track laid across a row of boats.

I have somewhere a prototype photo of that but no idea where.


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