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 Posted: Sat Oct 6th, 2018 12:54 am
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Kevin Fall


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It's been a while since I've posted but I've been making switches, doing track work, and scenery with rock molds. 
I'll try to post those next week. 

In the meantime my friend George Sebastian Coleman made me some bridle bars for my stub switches. 
They are available in two sizes through Shapeways; 

HOn3 code 55

and HOn30/N scale code 40

The example below shows the bridle bars which correctly gauge the HOn3 code 55 rail,
and there is a hole for an operating lever giving it a realistic look.

The plastic bridles keep the rails insulated from each other. 
I am using .032 piano wire through the end hole that is attached to a Tortoise switch machine below.
I am also using the HOn30 code 40 bridle bars for my Gilpin track,
but manually operating those switches with a Precision Scale harp switch stand.

The example below shows the HOn3 code 55 stub turnout.

Here is what the bridle bars look like coming from Shapeways.

Here are the bridle bars installed on the stub switch. 
The pc ties need to be painted.

And here is the stub switch with the bridles painted and on the Homosote base. 

The switches operate smoothly with the Tortoise machines. 
I think I will have to add a lever from the switch stand to the long bridle bar. 
Also the wide harp stand tie is too short only clearing a boxcar by about a foot. 
I'm not sure how long these ties were but 14 feet is too short and I will need to make it longer.

Happy modeling, ;)


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