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 Posted: Wed Sep 26th, 2018 09:19 pm
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Thank you, Alwin.

It doesn't bothers me at all not having much feedback in this thread.
It is intended a bit as the stack of magazines in a waiting room.
But you mention something that has been around my head several times the last days regarding my modeling thread.

You are right.
Used to other forums where a lot was said, asked, shared, learnt, commented and laughed, I don't understand why that doesn't happens at my 'Île Du Présent' thread.

If just a few people would be seeing my posts I would conclude there is no interest or they don't like my work. But the number of visitors have no proportion with the amount of reactions.

I know my 'english' (...) is not very good and certainly not American, but I doubt that could be a reason.

I hope it has nothing to do with the silly human tendency to compare & judge.
I have been 'preaching' for years against that.
Comparing two creative works is radical nonsense but also the door to judgement wich is by definition absolute nonsense.

What am I talking about?

I would love to know everybody feels comfortable enough to say or ask whatever he/she wants without judging other's but neither the own work.

There are never 'better' or 'less good' works. Not even when made by the same person. Those who compare or/and judge are only trying to gain personal importance which is always a clear sign of sad ignorance.

Specially opinions about beginers or not too skilled fellows are often products of that ignorance.
Too many times the ignorant innosence of not skilled fellows or beginners has put questions with such clarity that just a bit of honest attention revealed a truly new approach to things that we, old bats, considered we 'knew' already.

So I hope, if there are fellows thinking they work is too good to participate in my thread, they will wake up: I know nothing so there is nothing to measure nor compare and therefore to judge. My only intention is to enjoy my hobby and share what I do but also to learn from everybody as much as I can. From those who have plenty of experience but certainly also from those with little or no experience because they look with much less prejudiced eyes than people of my age.

I don't know, Alwin. May be I'm wrong and it has nothing to do with all what I say. But you have caught a fly that has been hanging around my head for weeks.
Thank you for that!


Extract from "THE FOUR STEPS METHOD" by Ching Pang Tsè:
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2) Calm down.
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