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 Posted: Wed Aug 22nd, 2018 03:48 am
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Larry G

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    My loco rebuild to 1/2" scale has been trial and error, no plans, except a vision in my minds eye. 
I raised the hood almost a 1/4" with styrene plastic.
I feel this gives a more believable impression of a hood that could actually hold a engine and transmission.
As far as detail on the hood, the look of removable panels will be added.
The cab will have a roof but no window glass. Roll down canvas curtains will be modeled to keep the driver warm and dry.
    I bought my loco used off ebay. It ran ok when I first tested it.
After cleaning the wheels and oiling the gears and axles with Labelle 108 plastic compatable oil, it ran much better.
Now that I've run it around the layout several times, it runs slow and smooth.
The mechanism of my loco is a bit noisy.

    Since the loco is only two wheel drive it doesn't have the pulling power to handle the grades on my layout.
Adding some weight may improve the pulling power and improve electrical contact with the rails.  
I plan to use it as a switching loco on level ground.
    I hope you find this info useful,  Larry Gant

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