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 Posted: Thu Aug 9th, 2018 09:38 pm
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Hi TGB  :wave:

I have a couple of razor-saws for 'micro-surgery' on 1:35 tin-hats.  :Salute:


But ...

... for the average 'body chop' ... the trusty ol' junior-hacksaw is always the first choice.  :cool:

A newish, but slightly worn on wood, blade is a good idea, cheap as well !  :P


" It works for me ! " ... As hannibal always used to say on The A-Team !  :pimp:

A cut is always gonna be a 'bit short of the line' & need a lil' bit of sanding or filing anyway.  L:

Decent sharp files, foam sanding blocks & cheap bulk-packs of eBay nail-sanding boards, are my friends as well.  :thumb:




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