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 Posted: Sat Jul 28th, 2018 02:04 pm
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This time a thread from a German forum.
No, I don't speak German at all but I've 'read' my first model railroading articles when I was still 5 and forced to ujnderstand the story from only seeing the images I don't see a reason not to enjoy a thread like the one you'll see clicking the link below.

It is H0 scale narrow gauge.
More preciselly 6,5mm gauge.

Here an appetizer

Here the thread (It is eight pages and really worth!!!)

Now I'm going to see how to close my mouth.


Extract from "THE FOUR STEPS METHOD" by Ching Pang Tsè:
1) Calm down.
2) Calm down.
3) Calm down.
4) First calm down.
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