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 Posted: Sat Jul 28th, 2018 07:14 am
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This looks as a Dunkirk variation but I have no idea if it is really the same concept.

These were designed by Schwartzkopff (also Germany) specially for dealing with very bad track condition in Afrikan plantations and had the engines in the boguies and were chain driven.
One of then ended in Paraguay, at 'Puerto Casado' where it was abandoned and finally cannibalized by the poor people in the area in order to get some money for the metal. Sveral went to Indonessia and. it is said, one went to Perú.

schwartzkpff 1 024 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-schwartzkpff 1 025 by d.caso, on Flickr

There is not photo distortion: these engines were designed to pivot on the bogies to compensate the unstable portable plantation track

1-schwartzkpff 1 025-2 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-schwartzkpff 1 026-1 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-schwartzkpff 1 026-3 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-schwartzkpff 1 025-1 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-schwartzkpff 1 026-2 by d.caso, on Flickr

Some of the Indonessian ones were very impressive

DSC04661 by d.caso, on Flickr

DSC04659 by d.caso, on Flickr

...but the most beautiful was -my opinion- the Paraguayan one:

Image0340 by d.caso, on Flickr

But, whatever you do, you'll never find any loco more beautiful than this one:

3 5 2011 HENRIK 099 by d.caso, on Flickr



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