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 Posted: Fri Jun 1st, 2018 03:27 pm
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Hi Dominick,

Wow...I haven't visited this forum in quite awhile.
It is always nice to hear from a fellow modeler.

OK, you ordered the Artitec ferry kit from Langley?
You will have no problems with Langley - nor shipping from the UK.
I have ordered from several UK-based companies and have never had an issue with any of them.

The Artitec Spoorpont Ferry is not a kit for the rank beginner.
I will assume you are familiar with resin kits.
Having said that, the hardest part of the kit are those %#$&% brass stanchions...and the thread that serves as handrails
(if you don't drink, you will)

In addition to the dreaded stanchions there are other concerns:
  • The kit is designed (sized really) for European rolling stock. European rolling stock tends to be significantly narrower than the U.S. variety. As built, U.S. boxcars (for example) will not pass by the wheelhouse. I had to scratchbuild a wheelhouse support structure - using the kit's wheelhouse cab only.
  • By design, the ferry has a considerable amount of sheer. [Sheer is the term used to designate the curve or sweep of the deck of a vessel as viewed from the side.] This means that the deck is higher at the stern and bow than it is in the center. So what? Well, matching an apron to a vessel with considerable sheer can be daunting. I elected to elevate the stern of my ferry to alleviate this problem...but did create others such as rolling stock wanting to roll off the ferry. If you do not account for this sheer, you will end up with a 'hump' where the ferry's rails meet the rails of the apron. Ferries, such Walthers for example, have flat decks (little/no sheer) and wider beams...usually there is no wheelhouse as they are designed as non-powered barges.
  • The ferry will only hold roughly 2-40' cars. The Monks Island Railway & Navigation Co. only ships 2 cars at a crossing (there are 2 crossings per day) so it isn't a problem.
The Artitec ferry makes a great model.
It is both time-consuming and challenging.
Am I glad I built this particular model? Yes.
Would I do it again? No.
Unfortunately there are very few standard gauge ferry kits available (there are some really nice narrow gauge kits out there).
I wish you much success with the kit and would be interested in knowing how it came out.
Please excuse the lack of pictures as I forgot how to include them on this forum.



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