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 Posted: Fri Jun 1st, 2018 03:20 am
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CNE Runner wrote: I recently completed the 'Artitec' Spoorpont Ferry model, for use on my Monks Island Railway.

I had been pursuing this kit for a considerable time and was pleased that 'Langley Model Works' had it in stock.
(this is a very difficult kit to find)
BTW: Don't be 'put off' with ordering from vendors in the U.K. ... they are wonderful and ship 'across the pond' quickly.

'Artitec' kits (from Holland) are not intended for anything less than an experienced modeler.
They are constructed of resin-castings with lots of tiny brass bits.
'Artitec' kits are advertised as being appropriate for OO & HO scales (1:76 and 1:87).
Be warned that 'Artitec' kits have instructions that are almost useless ...
... with the builder left with figuring out where things are to be placed.

OK, so the kit is now complete (and looks great) ... 'time put on some 40' boxcars.
Not so fast!
The boxcars will pass through the safety lift gates/stanchions on either end UNTIL the door guide are reached ...
... then no more progress is possible, the stanchions are too narrow for the cars to pass.
Additionally, a standard 40' boxcar BARELY passes by the wheel house cab.
(American cars, in addition to being wider, are higher than their European counterparts.

The point to all this is to be wary of using European kits with [larger] American rolling stock.
While HO is 1:87 and OO is a bit larger (in scale), the actual cars are vastly different in size.
(eg: a U.K. van is much smaller than an American boxcar)

Before you 'pony up' the funds to build a difficult, and expensive, kit ...
... make sure your rolling stock will fit.
BTW: I don't know how one can determine this beforehand - as no assistance is rendered by the manufacturer or seller.



I just ordered this from Langley.
I agree, I’ve ordered plenty of items from vendors in the U.K. and have never had any problems.
Standard post may take a while but I’ve never had an issue.

I am planning the height of my car float apron.
Could you please tell me the height to the top of the rails so I know how high to make the dock with respect to the surface of the water?
It would allow me to set the water height while I’m waiting and would be greatly appreciated.



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