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 Posted: Thu Apr 5th, 2018 11:45 pm
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" Si, I had my choice of the early or late Opel. I liked the early one better "

Hi Mack :wave:

I have the 'late' Opel.

Not that much difference, is there ? ???

I seem to recall the 'late' one has the sunken spare-wheel holder in the side of the body work ...

... & the 'early' one doesn't. L:

You know what I really liked about the one I bought best ? ...

... It was about HALF THE PRICE of all the other versions I saw. :) :bg: :P :cool:

You prompted me to get mine out last night & have another good look at it.

Not sure what 'the plan' is yet.

So maybe I can 'steal' some ideas from another builder ! ;)

It's always interesting on the Forum, when several people are tinkering with similar models.

I thought this sprue-photo could tempt anyone who might see it. ;)

I really like the way that Doug did the front-truck mounting on his Updah railtruck. :brill:

Hadn't seen that before, or maybe I have on a turntable or sumtink ?

The track pick-up wires go up the middle of a thin-hollow-tube, which is the truck-pivot.

NEAT !  :thumb:



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