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 Posted: Sat Mar 17th, 2018 05:37 pm
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Hi Juergen :wave:

I am not totally 100% sure on EXACTLY how you have your 'Box Of Tricks' wired up. L:

If you have a spare minute, can you draw a very simple 'block-diagram' of the signal-flows.

It doesn't have to show every single wire & connection etc.

Just a rectangle with the name of the device in it & an arrow to the following devices input is fine.

Very simple minimalist styleee, I'm sure you know what I mean. :)

At the bottom, I think I see the 'transmitter-board' left & clearly the 'impedance-converter-board' right. L:

At the top, I see an UNKNOWN ? connector-block & device ... ???

... followed by, I think, the 'Phoenix' sound-board in a small plastic-box ... ???

... followed by what looks like your black-plastic P.S.U. power-supply-unit ...

... & lastly, top far right, what I know is the audio 'low-pass-filter-board' we talked about. :thumb:

It might help to just draw a real quick & simple block-diagram of the boards in Emilias loco as well.

A simple pencil drawing of rectangle with a name in it & an arrow to the following device is fine.



Actually, I think it's the 'transmitter-board' in the small plastic box ...

... & the 'Phoenix' sound-board is at the bottom left.

The thing at the top left, looks unconnected to me, what is it ?


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