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 Posted: Sat Mar 17th, 2018 04:29 am
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Hi Juergen :wave:

No I haven't bought one of the mini SD-Player boards ... YET.

( mini SD-Player board )

I'm still to get one of the 'Bluetooth' sound receiving boards as well.

( 'Bluetooth' sound receiving board, with built-in amplifier )

But I did do a little bit of research on the mini SD-Player board though.

The schematics I found, I Posted on >> THE REPLICANT << Thread. :bg:

SD-Player Board ... Schematics & Research

( some of Juergens seriously  C :cool: :cool: L  steampunk DIY Victorian $4!7  ! )

I know your transmitters have some extra ^^ switches I think, sprung toggles ? L:

Each 1 potentially sending some kind of 'pulse' to the R.C. receiver I believe.

So yes, in theory, I guess one of these switches could 'pulse' the SD-player board, through it's 'tracks'.

( More steampunk brass & batteries, from Dr. Sartorius, built in The Mad Professors lab. ! )

Interesting sound possibilities, like . . .

Loco - Clanking sound.

Cat - Meeyowing !

Emilia - "Nearly at the station"

Loco - Hooter

Cat - More Meeyowing

Emilia - "Out the way $4!7 for brains !" :f:

etc. etc.

The options on the SD-Player board, are there for either built in amplifier, or line-level signal OUT to a separate amplifier.

Whether the 'pulse' from your transmitter, going to the receiver, is compatible with the SD-player board, I don't know.


I also suddenly realized, that I guess because your 'Phoenix' sound board is NOT in the loco ...

... but in your 'box of tricks', I guess you can use the same 'Phoenix' board for more than 1 loco. :)

( Juergens 'Box Of Tricks' ... Built by Dr. Sartorius, in The Mad Professors lab ! )

I think with some nice sound-samples, loaded as a series of 'tracks' ...

... an interesting & seemingly random & non-repetitive sound sequence could be heard.

It's good that there is hopefully a bit of spare space in the big 7/8ths locos to fit all this in.

But I guess that space could still fill up pretty fast. :shocked:

It is a pretty good solution altogether though, for the application of sound to an R.C. loco ...

... which as I understand it, is normally pretty difficult, or impossible ?? ... :us:

... unless you are using the 'Tam Valley' DCC R.C. system.

Pioneering stuff !! :thumb:




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