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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2018 01:57 am
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Hi Si

The "Green Meanie" is a Plymouth of unknown parentage. It was given to me by the same lad that gave me all the other stuff. It runs well, and will move some cars around for now, and will become something different when I scratch build another body for it.

As for the rest of the shop, it is slow. Work is being done on another car, better I hope, and some more tanks, and a practice paper craft/wood building. I am doing it all as the boys have had a couple of pub days do to snow. They don't like snow:shocked:

I am waiting for the couplers, and the speed controls, and a couple of other bits, and then I can get back at it.

I measured the flat car now that the trucks are on and it is within a whisker of the 5/8" height from top of track to bottom of car, so that was a good guess.

I was also given this wee critter, also of unknown lineage. It doesn't work and might end up being a drive gear donor for a scratch built rail truck in the future.



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